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21 ̷ ( 1 ), 2050 ũ
̵ ¶νƮ, www.henkelchallenge.com Ʒ μ մϴ.

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: 2012 12 12 ()

ɻ縦 2013 2() Ǵ ڰ ־,
ѱ ְ濵 ɻܿ 15о ()ǥϰ ˴ϴ.
2013 3 18~20ϰ ؿ ֵǴ ־ϴ.

ֿԴ 10,000ο شϴ Ƽ ˴ϴ.


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Excellence is our Passion
̶ ΰ Ʒ 5 Ű Ӱɼ Ͽ

ο ġ ϰ ֽϴ. ѱ 1989 Ͽ õ/, λ 600

ٹϰ , 4,000 ѱ ܱ ڸ ֽϴ (www.henkel.co.kr

Your Henkel Innovation Challenge team

: www.henkelchallenge.korea.com

ű ѱڸ (2012 4 ) www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfJ-l_YbGeo

ű 䰭 Խhttp://www.thinkcontest.com/contest/view.html?contest_id=14201


Dear Students in Korea,

Are you ready to innovate? Participate in the Henkel Innovation Challenge6

Create a new product or technology for a Henkel brand in 2050 and triple the value you create
by promoting sustainable development.

ENTER the exciting business of leading brands and technologies. BECOME a business manager for
Adhesive Technologies, Cosmetics / Toiletries or Laundry & Home Care. BE COACHED by Henkel top
managers to develop your project and COMPETE with international students from all over the world.

Start your HIC6 journey now:

1. Apply online as a team of 2 students - with CVs including pictures and one motivation letter (please note: only one current or former intern per team!)

2. Describe your innovation for a sustainable product or technology, by answering a few questions online.

Register by December 12, 2012. The best teams will develop their own idea supported by Henkel mentors and present it in front of a Henkel top-level management jury.

The top teams selected in
National Final will be invited to the international final in Shanghai (March 18-20, 2013), for the Final Round of the challenge.

As final prize, the 1st place winning team will receive a ticket around the world worth 10.000?.

Benefits for you:

Get to know one of the worlds leading companies

Play the role of a business development managers and put theory into practice

Learn from experts, being mentored by Henkel managers

Compete with the best international students

Develop your skills and be challenged

Demonstrate your creative potential and innovative approach

Present in front of top-level management jury

Extend your network and shape your career

It is your turn to shape tomorrows world today! Apply now!

Your Henkel Innovation Challenge team

Local contact: www.henkelchallenge.korea.com